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Terms of Service

**1. Acceptance of General Conditions:**
By accessing and using Biosphere Rocks, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree with any of these terms, we recommend not using our services.

**2. Registration and User Accounts:**
To access certain features of the platform, it may be necessary to create an account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login information and any activity that occurs on your account.

**3. Sustainable and Circular Projects:**
Biosphere Rocks is committed to promoting projects focused on sustainability and circularity to reduce the carbon footprint. Users must adhere to these principles when publishing and participating in projects.

**4. Intellectual Property:**
All intellectual property rights associated with the platform and its content belong to [Platform Name]. Users retain rights to the content they post but grant Biosphere Rocks a license to use, display, and distribute such content in connection with the services offered.

**5. User Responsibilities:**
Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and compliance with applicable laws. Biosphere Rocks assumes no responsibility for the content of projects or the behavior of users.

**6. Recurring Financing:**
By using Biosphere Rocks, you grant the platform the power to collect recurring funds for your project. Your project must have lawful activity in the European Union. The use of web3 technology and Blockchain is at your own risk, and payment with cryptocurrencies involves risks. Do not share passwords or access keys to your wallets.

**7. Use of Web3 and Blockchain Technology:**
Biosphere Rocks uses web3 and blockchain to trace the sustainable and circular commitments of each project. Web3 tools are also used for the DAO, where everything is done through the blockchain ecosystem with cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts created for DAO proposals will be published on our official pages. Do not use suspicious links; always check our official pages.

**8. Fundraising and Tax Obligations:**
By raising recurring funds for your project, you agree and are responsible for paying the corresponding taxes in your local legislation and/or country of registration. Biosphere Rocks disclaims any issues with third parties. We will validate that the project is real, and recurring funding is used for legal and project growth purposes to support the circular and sustainable ecological transition.

**9. Filters and Authenticity:**
Biosphere Rocks opposes financing for drug trafficking and terrorism. Filters will be applied to authenticate projects. Biosphere Rocks follows French and European Union legislation.

**10. Cryptocurrency Use Responsibility:**
The use of cryptocurrencies for project financing carries inherent risks. Biosphere Rocks is not responsible for financial losses, cryptocurrency theft, or other incidents related to the use of these technologies. Users are advised to take additional precautions when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

**11. Protection of Sensitive Data:**
Users acknowledge that by participating in sustainable and circular projects, they may share sensitive data. Biosphere Rocks commits to protecting this information, but users must be aware of the public nature of the blockchain and take responsibility for any shared sensitive information.

**12. Collaboration with Third Parties:**
Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to collaborate with third parties to enhance its services. In such cases, the confidentiality of information shared with these partners will be ensured, seeking mutual benefits in advancing sustainable goals.

**13. Environmental Impact Assessment:**
Biosphere Rocks commits to evaluating and monitoring the environmental impact of funded projects on the platform. Users agree to cooperate by providing additional information that may contribute to this assessment.

**14. Ethical Participation in DAO:**
Participation in the DAO involves collective decision-making. Users commit to ethically participating, considering sustainability and circularity principles in their proposals and votes.

**15. Transparent Information about Projects:**
Users commit to providing transparent and accurate information about the progress of their projects. Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to withdraw financial support from projects that do not adhere to established principles.

**16. Communication with the Community:**
Biosphere Rocks encourages open and collaborative communication among users. Projects are expected to commit to keeping the community informed about their development and results through regular updates on the platform.

**17. Dispute Resolution:**
In case of disputes among users, Biosphere Rocks will act as a mediator. Users agree to cooperate in good faith to resolve any conflicts fairly and equitably, seeking the best interest of the community.

**18. Compliance with Established Rewards:**
Each project funded through recurring fundraising unequivocally commits to fulfilling established rewards and benefits during the fundraising campaign. Users participating in the platform trust in the integrity and responsibility of project creators to fulfill promises made in relation to received contributions.

**19. Accountability Mechanisms:**
Projects accept the obligation to establish clear accountability mechanisms, providing periodic updates on progress and the use of funds raised. Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to withdraw support from projects that do not meet these obligations, thereby protecting trust and transparency within the community.

**20. Scalability and Reasonable Adjustments:**
Understanding that projects may face challenges and changes in development, project creators must transparently communicate with the community in case of unforeseen circumstances. When necessary, adjustments to rewards should be made reasonably while maintaining the original spirit and purpose of the project.

**21. Legal Endorsement:**
Projects acknowledge that the offered rewards are legally backed, and any breach may result in legal actions. Biosphere Rocks will mediate disputes related to reward delivery, seeking fair and equitable resolutions.

**22. Community Integrity:**
Biosphere Rocks fosters a community committed to maintaining a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative environment. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The platform reserves the right to take actions, including account suspension, to preserve community integrity and safety.

**23. Education and Awareness:**
Biosphere Rocks aims to be an educational platform. Users commit to actively participate in educating and raising awareness about sustainable and circular practices. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources that benefit the community as a whole is encouraged.

**24. Commitment to Responsible Innovation:**
Projects supported by Biosphere Rocks must demonstrate a commitment to responsible innovation. Creators are encouraged to explore technological solutions minimizing environmental impact and promoting ethical business practices.

**25. Compliance with Environmental Regulations:**
Biosphere Rocks supports projects that comply with local and international environmental standards. Users and project creators must commit to following environmental regulations and ensuring their activities align with applicable laws.

**26. Global Collaboration:**
The platform encourages global collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. Users are encouraged to collaborate with projects from diverse regions and cultures, promoting a diversity of perspectives in the joint effort for a more sustainable future.

**27. Platform Updates:**
Users should stay informed about updates and changes on the platform. Biosphere Rocks commits to providing clear information about any modifications to services, terms and conditions, ensuring transparent communication with the community.

**28. Corporate Social Responsibility:**
Biosphere Rocks promotes corporate social responsibility. Projects and users are encouraged to consider the social and environmental impact of their activities, beyond legal requirements, contributing positively to society and the environment.

**29. Reservation of Rights:**
Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to take actions, including account suspension, content removal, or modification of terms and conditions, in cases of violation of these terms or to preserve the integrity and goals of the platform.

**30. Responsible Participation in Events and Campaigns:**
Users and projects commit to participating responsibly in events and campaigns organized by Biosphere Rocks. Misleading, manipulative, or unethical behavior may result in disqualification and possibly account suspension.

**31. Transparent Financial Information:**
Funded projects must provide transparent financial information regarding the use of raised funds. This includes clear and up-to-date financial statements, accessible to the community at all times. Biosphere Rocks promotes financial transparency to strengthen trust among users.

**32. Participation in Impact Measurement Initiatives:**
Biosphere Rocks may request projects to participate in initiatives measuring environmental impact. This could involve reporting on carbon emission reduction, sustainable resource use, or any other relevant indicator to assess the positive impact of projects.

**33. Responsible Discussion Forum:**
Biosphere Rocks provides a discussion forum for the community. Users are expected to engage respectfully and constructively in conversations. Any form of misinformation, defamation, or harmful behavior to the community is discouraged.

**34. Audits and Project Verification:**
Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to conduct audits and verifications of funded projects to ensure compliance with terms and conditions. Projects must fully cooperate in these audits, providing requested information in a timely manner.

**35. Community Rewards Program:**
Biosphere Rocks may implement community rewards programs, recognizing and rewarding users and projects that demonstrate exceptional commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration on the platform.

**36. Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:**
Users and projects must disclose any conflicts of interest that could affect the transparency or integrity of their participation in Biosphere Rocks. Failure to disclose such conflicts may result in disciplinary measures, including account suspension.

**37. Ongoing Commitment to Environmental Improvement:**
Projects supported by Biosphere Rocks must demonstrate a continuous commitment to environmental improvement and sustainability. This includes implementing practices that consistently seek to reduce the ecological footprint and promote circular economy principles.

**38.Commissions and Fees:**
a. Biosphere Rocks will apply a 5% commission on the amount of each transaction made through our platform, in addition to any corresponding payment processing fee.
b. For transactions conducted in the DAO and smart contracts, a 5% commission will be applied on the total transaction amount, along with gas fees determined by the Ethereum network or any other applicable blockchain.

**39.Additional Services:**
a. Biosphere Rocks reserves the right to offer additional services to meet the specific needs of each project.
b. Projects will have the option to decide whether to use these additional services offered by Biosphere Rocks or to outsource them to third parties.

Changes to the Fee Structure:
a. Biosphere Rocks commits to communicating any changes to our fee structure in advance.
b. These changes will take effect on the date specified in the communication and will apply to all transactions conducted from that date onwards.

By using the services of Biosphere Rocks, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

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